01 March, 2010


So I won't lie; I'm starting to freak out about boards. Mine are a little over three months away and I've been studying a bit for them...nothing hardcore...some biochem review here, a little microbiology there, using first aid as a study guide for my courses, etc etc.

I'm not sure how, exactly, to study for boards though, especially since we have classwork until May sometime.

I feel like I'm too new to this to have forgotten so much...


MomTFH said...

I found you via MiM. Hello! Good luck on Boards. I took Step I USMLE and COMLEX last year. Let me know if you have any questions.

You will be surprised how much you remember once reminded, and how much you can cram. Good luck!

Recovering Hippie said...

How much time did you spend studying for both boards? Our school's schedule doesn't seem to lend itself well to board studying...we wind up with about 4-5 weeks free to just study, depending upon when we scheduled our exams.

MomTFH said...

I gave myself 8 weeks, knowing I would procrastinate, and wanted to put in at least 6 of hard core studying. I sort of had a strategy - I did all of Goljan's lectures, along with his path book. I studied micro and pharm separately with specific review texts on those subjects, because I thought (correctly, I would say) that these two areas were my weakest and would be the most high yield. Almost everything else I studied out of First Aid. I also got a subscription to USMLE World Q bank, which came highly recommended to me, and I in turn highly recommend.

Recovering Hippie said...

That actually sounds reasonable. I've got probably 5-6 weeks of hardcore studying ahead of me. I've already been picking away at the review as spring has progressed. I too use USMLEWORLD and Goljan book + tapes. Yay! What pharm/micro books did you use? I have several; I'm just curious.

Also, about how many hours/day did you study?

Finally, were you pleased w/ your scores?